By: Vivek Kumar


Twitter wants to stream more TV-like live video around major sporting events, so it’s approaching the folks who control those rights to cut a deal.

The company is in talks with the NBA, Major League Soccer and cable network Turner about acquiring digital streaming rights for content related to live sports and events, according to several sources familiar with the discussions.

That could include things like actual game footage similar to the deal Twitter struck with the NFL to stream some of its Thursday Night Football games later this fall. Or it could be fringe content, pre- or post-game material similar to the live interviews and analysis Twitter streamed around Wimbledonearlier this week. (It couldn’t stream live tournament matches because ESPN holds those rights.)

Twitter is talking to Turner because it already locked up sports rights from a number of sources, including the NBA, MLB and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Turner also has its own eSports league, called Eleague, and broadcasts professional video game competitions, which could make sense for a platform like Twitter.

 Source: Recode