By: Vivek Kumar


“Le Campus Junior” by Samsung gives children the opportunity to learn computer programming and to create their own interactive stories and games. This free and interactive online platform is designed to teach children how to use Scratch*, the development platform created by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), to help them take their first active steps in the digital world.


A Fun Way to Learn Computer Programming

Through approximately 40 short and fun video tutorials (four hours of play overall), “Le Campus Junior” invites children to discover the main concepts of computer programming by following the adventures of Professor Misso along with Sam and Zoé, two cute, smart and mischievous children.

Once the registration process is approved by their parents, children can follow the learning path and pick up where they left off when signing back in.

“Le Campus Junior” offers self-paced learning modules of Scratch*: ranked by difficulty, the tutorials in the “I learn” section explain the main programming steps while those in “I practice” offer fun workshops to reinforce what has been learned. Children also have the opportunity to evaluate their knowledge by taking quizzes by level — beginnerintermediateand advanced — and earning the respective badges.

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Source: Samsung