By: Vivek Kumar


Let the deluge begin… Not long after the Super Mario Run iMessage sticker pack was made available to iOS 10 users, Apple has unleashed the entire iMessage App Store. The iMessage App Store, which is available for iOS 10 users, features sticker packs from companies like Disney, Bandai Namco, Sanrio, and others.

In addition to the sticker packs, the iMessage App Store features full-fledged iMessage apps and games. Several of the apps that were demonstrated during the WWDC 2016 keynote are here, such as Square Cash, OpenTable, and JibJab.

The iMessage App Store is only available for iOS 10 beta users today, but if you’re not already on the beta, you’ll only need to wait one more day, as iOS 10 is scheduled to go live tomorrow.

Apps and Games

The iMessage App Store appears to be launching with a decent helping of apps and games. We already mentioned a few, like Square Cash and Jib Jab, but there are plenty more to be found.

Some of the apps are standalone iMessage apps, while others are extensions of already existing apps in the main App Store. You can tell which apps are extensions when the regular app is downloaded on your Home screen. Standalone apps have no primary app, and live solely in the iMessage App Store.

Sticker packs can work in a similar manner. There are stickers that are extensions of apps, and standalone stickers that can created without needing to code anything. To differentiate the different types of apps and sticker packs, you’ll see an “Only for iMessage” note above the Details tab on the App’s description page.

Source: 9to5Mac