By: Vivek Kumar

There have been rumours of an Asus alternative to the Raspberry Pi being launched and now such a board is available to buy. The Asus 90MB0QY1-M0EAY0 Tinker Board, to give it its full title, shares many physical attributes to the RasPi such as size and positioning of ports and GPIO but offers quite a bit more power on tap.


Discussing the reasoning behind the creation of the ‘Asus Pi’, the Taiwanese computer firm said “Raspberry Pi has been in the market for so long, we’re here to expand users’ choices with more options. And this board has 4K support, higher SoC performance, faster Ethernet transmission, and flexibility for the memory size.” Asus believes the capabilities of the Tinker Board will make possible projects that were too much to ask of even for the newest Raspberry Pi revision.

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Source: hexus